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The Swarthmore College Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is organized and run by students who share a common interest in Civil Engineering. The Chapter provides engineering outreach programs to students of Swarthmore College and residents of the local Swarthmore area, participates in local and national engineering contests, and upholds the Code of Ethics of the national ASCE organization.
Spring 2012 officers are:
Co-President - Frances Hunter '12
Co-President - Jesse Krikorian '12
Vice-President - Rebekah Yang '12
Treasurer - Rémy Donahey '13
Secretary - Katie Samuelson '14

Please direct all emails to the ASCE officers at

Swarthmore College ASCE Chapter Goals & Objectives:
- Uphold the standards and practices of the national ASCE chapter
- Educate ourselves to the issues facing today's civil engineering community and prepare ourselves to enter the community
- Engage in community service projects that improve conditions and awareness around us as well as shed positive light on the Swarthmore and national chapters.
- Educate the public/college community to the work of engineers.
- Recruit more underclassmen.
- Participate in local, regional, and national level ASCE activities.

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