Department of Engineering:  Faculty
  • BA in the Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard 1982
  • MS & PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Yale 1986, 1989
  • Hunt Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America
  • Adjunct Prof. of EE at Univ. of Rochester
  • Presidential Faculty Fellow of the NSF
  • Teaching Engineering at Swarthmore since 1990
  • Office: Hicks 217
  • E-Mail:
  • Phone: (610)-328-8079
Carr Everbach
  • ENGR 02 - Exploring Acoustics
  • ENGR 4A - Introduction to Environmental Protection
  • ENGR 05 - Engineering Methodology
  • ENGR 06 - Mechanics
  • ENGR 11 - Physical Systems Analysis I
  • ENGR 12 - Physical Systems Analysis II
  • ENGR 41 - Thermofluid Mechanics
  • ENGR 64 - Swarthmore and the Biosphere
  • ENGR 83 - Fluid Mechanics
  • WMST 30 - Women and Technology
  • ENVS 02 - Human Nature, Technology, and the Environment
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  • Acoustics of musical instruments, ultrasound, cavitation of microbubbles, shockwaves, nonlinear dynamics, hearing aid design, sound barrier design, hybrid electric cars, straw bale construction.
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