Chartered in March of 1996, we currently have approximately twenty monitors visiting pre-assigned sites to perform weekly observations and tests.


Our Purpose

  • To monitor the overall health of the Crum Creek watershed in the area and immediately surrounding the Swarthmore College Campus. Members visit assigned sites to perform chemical tests as prescribed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Such tests measure nitrate, phosphate, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, chloride and pH levels in the Crum and are used to assess overall water quality. By visiting sites weekly members also observe for other pollutants (examples include petroleum or sewage) which the chemical tests cannot measure. Members also participate in seasonal surveys of invertebrate populations inhabiting the Crum to assess water quality.
  • To evaluate the College community's impact on the overall health of the Crum ecosystem. Continued monitoring is essential in order to minimize the impact the College has on the ecosystem.
  • To provide members with practical experience in water quality assessment and to educate the College comunity about the water quality of the Crum and other freshwater streams in Pennsylvania.
  • To grow in size and scope by increasing student participation in the project. Particular emphasis will be placed on encouraging students not majoring in the Natural Sciences to join. The organization will seek to monitor the aquatic ecosystem with the most up-to-date and widely accepted test procedures.

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